The Residency Program is now open for applications for 2015

Program Outline
The aim of Skaftfell´s residency program is manifold: to create and nurture an environment for inspiration; to encourage artists to experience life and work in a unique micro-community where creativity is applied to the everyday; to foster a sense of community between artists and the public in the setting of rural East-Iceland; to facilitate circumstances for artists to experience, reflect and explore new means of their practice and, to provide conditions that stimulate the dialogue between art and life.

The program is aimed at professional visual artists, but those working across fields, or within an interdisciplinary practice are eligible to apply regardless of the nature of their primary profession or arts education.

The duration of the Standard Residency period is from 1 – 6 months, but applications made for a residency period of more than 1 month are given preference. Skaftfell also offers a short term Research Residency option.

Program types

  • Standard, Self-directed Residency, for 1-6 months
  • Short term Research Residency, up to two weeks

In 2015 artists from Germany are eligible to apply for a 2 month Standard Residency with a grant, courtesy of Goethe-Institut.

Facilities & Venues
Artists in the Standard Residency Program are provided with a combined living and working space in one of two charming turn of the century houses, Hóll or Norðurgata. Both houses are equipped with the basic amenities.

The Research Residency includes a private room with shared facilities and basic amenities at the Skaftfell Hub, situated on the top floor of Skaftfells main building.

Skaftfell offers artists in residence various opportunities to explore, produce, exhibit, present, and share their work in various spaces and locations such as the Bookshop – Projectspace and the Print Studio at the Technical Museum.

Skaftfell uses the following criteria when evaluating applicantions:

  • Primarily the quality of the applicants work as indicated by submitted visual documentation.
  • Exhibition record and curriculum vitae.
  • Demonstration of a serious and consistent dedication to the professional practice of visual arts through submitted documents.
  • Evidence that the applicant is at a critical juncture in their development as an artist, which will be enhanced by their residency stay.

Artists are selected by a panel of active visual arts and cultural professionals, with members varying from year to year. The selection of artists for the residency stay is based on artistic quality and innovation as well as the ability to work productively within the program.

Application process
Applicants must use the electronic application form found on Skaftfell´s webpage.
Applications are only accepted during the open call with deadline 1st of September 2014.

Standard Residency fee:

  • Private 550 EUR
  • Shared 360 EUR

A confirmation fee of one month is required upon booking. The remaining fee is due to be payed upon arrival.

Research Residency fee:

  • Pr. day 24 EUR
  • Pr. week 150 EUR