Triple headed

Art without borders with Skaftfell and LungA festival introduce the exhibition Triple Headed which will be held in Herðubreið, the community center of Seyðisfjörður. Opening is on the 11th of July at 5:00 pm. The band Times New Roman will play few songs at the opening.

The exhibition is a collaboration between the artists Aron Kale, Daníel Björnsson and Odee who are all based on the East side of Iceland.

With this project the aim was to emphasize on the collaboration between these three different artist without pinpointing who had made which part of each picture. The outcome of this fusion is a series of interesting collages where the artists have worked with mixed media.

Together with the artworks there will also be exhibited sketches and photographs to emphasize the process of this project.

The exhibition will remain through LungA festival until the 17th of July and the opening hours are the same as the opening hours of Herðubreið.

A part of Art without Borders and LungA