Twenty-Four Seven


The balance between exhaustion and regeneration as a rhythmic exchange between light and darkness. In the brightness, we’re in a state of exposure with a constant demand to produce. The sheltering darkness becomes a necessary counterpart that allows recuperation and the possibility to disappear from the public scene.

Fifteen Fifteen
Saturday, Jan 10 at 21.00
Lecture at Bookshop

Twenty-Three Twenty-Three
Monday Jan 12 – Friday Jan 15, from 10-15
Video at the Gas station

Twenty-Four Seven
Date and time TBA
Durational performance behind bookshop


GIDEONSSON/LONDRÃ (SWE) was formed as a duo in 2009 because of a joint interest in different modes of being. Their working method consists of private investigations, public performances and interventions with the intent to obscure the line between their subjects and the artistic product they create. Central to their work is the notion of the third, referring to that which is created by two individuals, but can’t be attributed to either one of them.