Welcome Tara and Silla

Skaftfell is thrilled to welcome the artist duo Tara and Silla to the residency program. Tara Njála Ingvarsdóttir (b.1996) and Silfrun Una Guðlaugsdóttir (b.1996) are the performance artist-duo Tara and Silla. They have been shining their boots and working together since they first started working together in the BA Visual Arts department of the Iceland University of the Arts which they graduated from in the spring of 2020. Tara and Silla live and work in Reykjavik. In their practice and work, playfulness, communication and friendship are their guiding light in making performances, installations, and videoworks.

At Skaftfell they will be working on their latest project: Chasing Chance, where they let chances guide them through their days and work. Using chance and the action of chasing it as a method of working, is inspired by working with rawness and improvisation in performance art. They will record and explore this theme through film and print.