30 Days – Work in Progress

On Wednesday Nov 28, Dana Neilson (CA) and Tuomo Savolainen (FI) will be showing what direction their work has taken while being on residency at Skaftfell.

Join us in Herðubreið café from 16:00 to 18:00 to meet the artists and see their work in progress.

Dana Neilson has been working on an art/science collaboration about material, process, and the things collected along the way. She is inspired by the natural landscape, the origins of ceramic glazes, and a personal attraction to rock collections. She will introduce her exploration of the use of found materials (rocks) in ceramics in the form of tests and small sculptures.

Tuomo Savolainen’s project is about mountains, sky, trees, weather, time, colour, repetition, cycle, variation, difference, routine, change, light, dark, rain, snow, wind, sun, fog and clearance. It is also about the serial, the same, and the ongoing (until it ends). For the past couple of months he has been filming Strandartindur mountain every day from a fixed place.

Both artists are based in Helsinki, and have been on residency at Skaftfell during October and November 2018.