Zeus Tears and a seance performance

Lindaprojectspace image

Linda Persson is a Swedish artist / filmmaker and a returning Artist-in-Residence at Skaftfell.

Throughout my practice language has played a central role. What interests me in language is its ability to fail meaning. I use dead, peripheral and code languages to excavate meaning. Its like an archaeological dig in a search for a forgotten empire.

For the event Thursday Nov 26, starting at 20.00, Linda has invited Pip Stafford who is a Tasmanian media artist and producer based in Hobart. Her work is primarily concerned with networks and communications, rituals and patterns, radio and feminist methodologies.

We will combine our practices at long-distance through a time collapse. We will act from Iceland and Tasmania simultaneously. She will be using electro-magnetic pulsations and frequencies that will be audible and seen in Seydisfjordur. I will create a scenario working on readings of the future through the past using the mythical gemstone Black Opal which I collected in the Australian Desert/Mining district of cursed landscapes.

Our attempt is to create seances awakening other dimensions and its ghosts from the virtual world in combining our current realities and practices as triggers.

Linda will also show a first edit of her film Zeus Tears as part of an installation in the Bookshop-projectspace.

The doors will open at 20.00 and the performance seances will commence at 20.15 and last for about 15 min. The exhibition will be open through theevening.