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Listamannaspjall #15

Gestalistamenn Skaftfell í mars, J. Pasila og Simona Koch, munu halda listamannaspjall þriðjudaginn 11. mars kl. 13:00 í Herðubreið. Spjallið fer fram á ensku.

Þetta mun vera í fimmtánda sinn sem gestalistamenn Skaftfells bjóða opinberlega upp á kynningu á þeirra persónulega listræna ferli og vinnuaðferðum.

Nánar um listamennina

Simona Koch (DE) is an artist interested in the varieties of the living.Where does life come from and where does it go. How are beings connected to each other and what part do humans play in this stetting …? Some of the questions she asks herself, can be visualized through art and the diverse options new media offers. As an artist she makes use of her possibility to research scientific enigma with artistic strategies, without having to observe the rules governing scientific studies. The works by Simona Koch stems from the deep conviction of being part of a greater whole – being part of the larger world fabric.


J. Pasila (US) works primarily in photography and photo installation. She graduated from the Ontario College of Art in Toronto and continued her studies between the Department of Architecture and Department of Video at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, Germany. The space of the artist’s studio – be it her own or those she inhabited temporarily – forms the conceptual frame of J.Pasilas work. She is interested in exploring and recording the seemingly banal, day to day activities and processes that take place in this space – the gathering and editing of images and objects; slow observations over time; and the crafting of ‘things’ out of subtle internal dialogues and decisions. This context is her focus in creating photographs, models for photo based installations, and works on paper.


Dvöl Simona Koch er styrkt af: