Listamannaspjall: Heinz Kasper og Johan F Karlsson

Laugardagur 12. mars, 15:00 í sýningarsal Skaftfells

Listamannaspjallið fer fram á ensku.


Heinz Kasper (AT) is a painter, designer and dramaturg of light. He lives and works where his projects take him, but also in Vienna, Berlin and at the Attersee. Besides his artistic work, his practice includes lighting design for the performing arts, for museum exhibitions and architecture, as well as teaching and extensive traveling. At the center of his work lies the process of searching and finding meaning.  Through a variety of artistic disciplines and media, through spatial installations, objects, videos, photographic works, painting, performance, and as a designer, he forges connections between the real and the fictitious.

Most recently Heinz has exhibited at the Light Up 22 festival in Skagaströnd, North Iceland, and he is participating in List í Ljósi art festival (March 11/12, 2022) in Seyðisfjörður. He is artist in residence at Skaftfell during February.


Johan F Karlsson (SE) is currently exhibiting in the Skaftfell gallery, in partnership with List Í Ljósi art festival. In Pathway Through A Sunstone (Feb 11 – Mar 12) he presents artworks and artistic research processes that are inspired by the light attributes of Iceland spar, a crystalline mineral found in East Iceland, and its capacity of creating a double image, a ghost image. Johan’s practice includes photography, sculptural and video installations, interventions in space, and performances. He is specifically interested in the notion of presence and perception of space in relation to how we orient ourselves. This includes the exploration of different navigational techniques, and observes the human strife for knowledge, especially through mapping and searching, and its counterpart: trust in the unknown and its potentialities.

Johan F Karlsson lives and works in Malmö, Sweden. He holds a MA in Photography from Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland, and has exhibited in Sweden, Finland, and Switzerland.  Johan is artist in residence at Skaftfell in January and February 2022, supported by a grant from Nordic Culture Point.