Printing matter – prentnámskeið

Printing matter er alþjóðlega tveggja vikna prentnámskeið fyrir listamenn með áherslu á bókverk undir handleiðslu Åse Eg Jørgensen. Námskeiðið fer fram á Seyðisfirði, 2. – 15. febrúar 2017 fyrir 8-10 listamenn. Kennt verður á ensku og innifalið í námskeiðgjöldum er gisting og efniskostnaður.

Nánar um námskeiðið

Printing matter aims to create a platform for exchange, discussion, and collaboration amongst fellow artists from various disciplines, who share a professional interest in the topic, both on a practical and a conceptual level, and who wish to deepen their knowledge and expertise.

The program is developed and guided by the Danish artist and graphic designer Åse Eg Jørgensen. The program includes group workshops, independent research and practice and an informal final presentation in Skaftfell’s project space. Working facilities and printmaking equipment will be made available through a collaboration with the Technical Museum of East Iceland in Seyðisfjörður.


The main focal point of the program will be exploring printing techniques, ink, paper, type, binding, folding, sewing – hands on, as well as going through a brief history of artist’s books, a discussion on printed matter and an introduction to printed multiples supplemented by an exploration into the printing facilities at the Seyðisfjörður Technical Museum.

A summary of selected texts will act as a foundation for discussions on the above listed topics.

In order to reveal the joined knowledge of the workshop/residency/process, all participants should prepare half an hour presentation of their own practice relating to the topics.

Set within the ongoing Skaftfell residency program, the Thematic Residency aims to integrate the participating artists into the creative community of Seyðisfjörður. Artists will be able to experience life and work in a unique micro community where creativity is applied to the everyday, and the borders between art and life are fluent. The timing of the residency, February 2017 provides artists with the opportunity to experience the dark and serene period of winter in the fjords of East Iceland.

The program is best suited for visual artists, but artists with interdisciplinary practices are also welcome to apply.

Application process

The call for applications for the Thematic Residency 2017 is open from the beginning of June until September 1, 2016.

Please submit your application via the online application form.

The call for applications is now closed.


Dates: February 2 – 15

Price per person: 890 Euros (including accommodation, tuition, and standard printmaking materials)

Ljósmyndir: Åse Eg Jørgensen