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Still Ruins, Moving Stones

Myndbandsverkið „Still Ruins, Moving Stones“ eftir kanadísku myndlistarkonuna Jessica Auer er sýnt á hverju kvöldi í glugga Bókabúðinar-verkefnarými  frá fimmtudeginum 22. jan til fimmtudagsins 29. jan.

Four hundred years after settling a new world, the Norse colonizers of Greenland disappeared.For centuries after they vanished, their lands lay mostly untouched until another group of settlers rediscovered these remote sites. Still Ruins, Moving Stones takes the viewer to South Greenland where Danish archeologists work on the restoration of some the world’s best-preserved Norse ruins. This contemplative video explores how humans move about altering the landscape – adding new layers and redacting ancient ones.

Lengd: 12 mín 15 sek