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Open studios

Wednesday Oct 26 from 17.00-20.00. Morgan Kinne (USA), Ann Carolin Renninger (DE), Hermione Spriggs (UK) / Curtis Tamm (USA)

Current artists-in-residence will host open studios and present works in progress as a part of the Visual Art Day. Morgan Kinne, and the artist duo Curtis Tamm and […]


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never mine

Friday Sept 16 at 18:00. Miriam Jonas (DE)

The exhibition never mine by Miriam Jonas transforms the Bookshop project space into a story not to be read, but to be stepped into: A visit to […]


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Visible side when installed

Thursday July 21 @ 20:00 Vasco Costa (PT) & Wolfgang Obermair (AT/DE)

Vasco Costa and Wolfgang Obermair have been working together on projects since 2011, exploring the imprints and impacts on particular spaces in culture, economy and politics. By […]


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in progress

Sunday June 26 @ 12:00-18:00 Kati Gausmann (DE), Ráðhildur Ingadóttir (IS), Richard Skelton (UK)

Current Artists-in-Residence Kati Gausmann, Ráðhildur Ingadóttir and Richard Skelton conclude their stay with a presentation of works in progress in the Bookshop-projecspace Sunday June 26 […]


Ljósmynd: Elísa Maren Ragnarsdóttir

Light paintings

Students from Seyðisfjarðarskóli

Nemendur Seyðisfjarðarskóla í 8.-10. bekk tóku þátt í listsmiðju fyrr í vetur sem var stýrð af Nikolas Grabar. Í smiðjunni lærðu þau undirstöðuatriði stafrænnar ljósmyndunar […]


Lifeforce, A Soliloquy and 6 Poems

Lifeforce, A Soliloquy and 6 Poems

Thursday March 10 at 20.00-22.00 Rashanna Rashied-Walker

Like a steady moving creek, life passes patiently with or without us. Lifeforce juxtaposes an out of focus image of a large boulder violently battered […]


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Thursday March 17, at 20.00 Valerie Bourquin

Interzones or territories, disparate and similar, connected to each other by conducting images and by the energy transmitted through the filmed landscapes. The zones are […]