Passage of time

The artworks are based on old photographs made by unknown photographers in the beginning of last century. The subject of all of them is waterfalls in Iceland. Each photographer presents the waterfalls in his own and personal way, and especially the photographs coloured by hand are a strong personal expression of how the individual experiences his subject. In Rúrí´s presentation, she emphasizes on honouring the expression of each of the photographers, and carefully avoids tampering with their works. Rúrí has collected old photographs of Icelandic waterfalls for a long time, but they are hard to obtain nowadays. The numbers of […]

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This group of artist have stood behind a various exhibitions and events. One of those events is the “open gallery” which is a one day exhibition that evolves around the idea of letting art become a part of an independant and unpredictable event closely related to the everyday life.  Artist show up an hour before opening at the location on the advertised date and put up their work.