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Celia Harrison, Director

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With a wealth of experience and a passion for the arts, Celia Harrison is an accomplished artistic director, producer, and curator who made Seyðisfjörður her home in 2015. Her experience includes key roles in directing arts institutions in both New Zealand and Iceland, with recent contributions including co-directing the LungA School and co-founding the Herðubreið Community and Culture Center, along with the List í ljósi light festival in Seyðisfjörður.

Celia holds a PhD in Art and Design, focusing her research on community development through artistic practices amidst the challenges of climate change. Reflecting on Skaftfell Art Center, she remarks, “Skaftfell is truly special, holding a significant place in the history of Seyðisfjörður and East Iceland. The opportunity to continue its artistic legacy is a true honour and I look forward to working collaboratively with everyone involved.”

Celia took up position as director of Skaftfell in January 2024.




Kamilla Gylfadóttir, Project Manager 

Residency and Education 

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Kamilla Gylfadóttir joined Skaftfell in July 2022 as project manager of Skaftfell’s education program and community outreach, and has managed the residency program since August 2023. She graduated with a B.A. degree in Italian and Tourism Studies in 2014, studied photography in Aarhus and filmmaking in Sarajevo and has worked with filmmaking and art since. In 2020, she completed her M.A. studies in Preservation and Presentation of the Moving Image at the University of Amsterdam. In 2021 she taught Skaftfell’s art education project for the east of Iceland and she is part of planning and teaching Skjaldbakan, a documentary filmmaking course that took place during BRAS 2022. She co founded the Icelandic home movie collective in 2020 which has uncovered Icelandic home movies and hosted community events around the country.



Previous directors

2006 – 2011 Þórunn Eymundardóttir

2011 – 2018 Tinna Guðmundsdóttir

2018 – 2020 Gavin Morrison

2020 – 2022 Hanna Christel Sigurkarlsdóttir & Julia Martin

2022 – 2024 Pari Stave

Previous residency managers

2012 – 2014 Litten Nystrøm

2015 – 2022 Julia Martin


Previous education managers

2015 – 2022 Hanna Christel Sigurkarlsdóttir


2022: Aino Peltola and Netta Alanko (Pekka Halonen Academi, FI); Ra Tack

2021: Magdalena Noga, Ísold Gná Ingvadóttir

2020: Unnur Birna J. Backman

2019: Mary Buckland, Lilaï Licata

2018: Jenny Niinimaa and Ninni Olllikainen (Pekka Halonen Academi, FI), Carlotta von Haebler

2016: Eva Jaskova

2015: Lisa Paland, Hochschule Merseburg

2014: Becky Forsythe, Georgian College

2013: Jasmin Meinold, HBK Braunschweig