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The Skaftfell group

The Skaftfell Group is a grassroot association founded in 1997. The group founded Skaftfell Art Center as a non-profit organisation in 1998, and has ever since diligently supported the operation with their selfless work for the center, from political lobbying to physical help with house repair.

Today the group has the primary role of being the backbone of Skaftfell and safeguard its ongoing activities.

The group consist of a number of people who care for Skaftfell, the common denominator of the group members being a connection with both the visual art scene and Seyðisfjörður.

The group appoints two members to the board of Skaftfell, as well as two alternates. Their role is to ensure that Skaftfell develops and prospers within the framework of its original idea and in parallel with trends in the international art world.

In addition to appointing representatives to the board the group also, when needed, supports the active management of Skaftfell, for example by brainstorming ideas, plotting or assisting with specific tasks.

It’s fun to be a member of the Skaftfell Group. Formal meetings are kept to a minimum but a general meeting is held every three years, to coincide with the time to renew the board of Skaftfell. Other meetings are held primarily to work on projects in favor of Skaftfell Art Center and enjoy each others’ company. The board of the group works with the Skaftfell director to further strengthen the group’s activities and puts great emphasis on recruiting new members.

Everybody who cares for Skaftfell is encouraged to join the group. Besides being able to contribute to the activities of the art center, group members also receive a regular newsletter about the program, news and invitations to exhibitions. Members also receive special offers on selected materials in the Skaftfell store and are given the opportunity to buy selected published material in presale.

Membership fees are charged annually and the amount 2.000 ISK is optional but suggested. Membership fees run straight to the art center to further develop its activities.

To become a member please contact the art center at skaftfell@skaftfell.is.