Several Examples of Homesteading

November 27 – December 31 the West Wall The work of Ethan Hayes-Chute provides a feeling of quiet, solitude and isolation in familiar yet fantastical environments. His small paintings and sculptures are filled with a sense of voyeurism and nostalgia, whether it be gained from finding a bedraggled cabin in a now-forgotten nook in the back woods, or discovering a field where terrestrial debris is unaffected by gravity. The imagery suggests possible timeless locations for an alternate life of seclusion and sublimity, eschewing a specific era or time of day. His large-scale installations project these themes to human scale. Viewers […]

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Hóll residency available in January and February 2011

Due to unexpected cancelations the Hóll residency is available in January and February 2011. If you would like to do a residency during those months please be in contact, the normal criteria applies (see webpage), please send us an e-mail with CV and a few images of works.