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Library – Skaftfell Bistro

The Skaftfell Bistro, at the ground floor of the main building houses a specialised visual arts library with a good selection of book works by the artist Dieter Roth, along with other interesting art books and artists books. Contact the Skaftfell office for a complete library log in pdf form.

The Roth Corner

The Bistros´ interior is designed by Björn Roth and he has dedicated this corner to his father; Swiss artist Dieter Roth (1930-1998). Roth lived and worked in Seydisfjord for periods of time during the last decade of his life and had was a great influence on the local cultural life. The Skaftfell group, who founded the center, consists of a group of people that enjoyed the company of Roth and the center is an offspring of that inspiring dialogue. The shelves and table are made in the same way as Roth had in his studio. Paper and pens are always available and all drawings, sketches and scribbles which the guests leave behind are collected and bound together to make an annual book which cites the magazine Review For Everything published by Roth 1975-1987 and had no editor and published everything. Older volumes of the magazine and the annual books are on display in the Skaftfell Library.

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