Artist Talk: Ji Yoon Jen Chung and María Sjöfn Dupuis Laufeyjardóttir

Tuesday March 7, 17:00-18:00, Skaftfell 3rd floor

Skaftfell warmly invites you to an artist talk with our two current residency artists:

Ji Yoon Jen Chung is an interdisciplinary artist and educator from South Korea working with research-based studio practice. She is artist in residence at Skaftfell in February and March. Her work focuses on the invisible and insignificant transitions, which are often taken for granted, unnoticed, and forgotten. Oftentimes, the attempts to preserve ephemerality and to concede the inevitability of a transitory phenomenon collide and coexist in her work. Derived from transitions, her artistic practice is an act of condolence for the transient presence, which takes time and indulges every process as an acceptance of loss. 

Ji Yoon holds an MFA from Rhode Island School of Design in Digital+Media (2020) and an M.Ed from Harvard Graduate School of Education in Learning Design, Innovation, and Technology (2022). She is currently an adjunct lecturer at Seoul Women’s University and visual arts teacher at Seoul National University Children’s Hospital School. She is funded by a grant from Arts Council Korea for her artist-in-residency program at SÍM Residency and Skaftfell Residency in Iceland. 

María Sjöfn Dupuis Laufeyjardóttir’s artistic practice explores forms of natural phenomena in a multidisciplinary way. Her works often take the shape of installations, sculptural interventions, video, and drawing. Her working process begins with experimentation focusing on multifaceted perceptions of the environment, and in particular the inner and outer contexts of space and matter. She critically investigates the layered relations of the human being with its environment. When those layers are examined in a new context, visual language can create a new perspective on the matter.

María Sjöfn holds a M.A. in Fine Art from the Iceland University of the Arts (2020) and an M.A.dipl. in Art Education (2014) from Iceland University of the Arts and she is a teacher at the Reykjavik School of Visual Arts. She is currently artist in residence at Skaftfell, where she is exploring place and space. Among other things, she works with the sea as a material, using remnants of salted sea on paper that leave drawings of forms and spaces, amplified by the refraction of light from the environment.