Workshop for adults

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Tómtónrúm: sound workshop with Héctor Rey

Every room can be heard as an acoustic system consisting of a number of layers: it has its own sonic life; its resonance shapes the sounds produced in it; it acts as a filter for the whole sounding of the world at the same time as being just a tiny part of it. We will explore the musical challenge of placing sounds in the spacetime continuum taking the room as a context and as a starting point, activating and passivating it through collective, real time sound making. Attendees are free to bring any instrument or sound producing device, or not. […]

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Printing matter – Thematic Residency

Period: Feb 2-15, 2017. Deadline: September 1, 2016. Printing matter is a two-week thematic residency with an intensive program for 8-10 artists, focusing on printmaking and artist book making. The Thematic Residency aims to create a platform for exchange, discussion, and collaboration amongst fellow artists from various disciplines, who share a professional interest in the topic, both on a practical and a conceptual level, and who wish to deepen their knowledge and expertise. The program is developed and guided by the Danish artist and graphic designer Åse Eg Jørgensen. The program includes group workshops, independent research and practice and an […]

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