Anna Anders has been using video as a means of artistic expression since 1986. She first began making short films; in 1991, she started creating works for spaces. These have included projections, installations, and objects.

Anders’s works mainly show a course of events in real time and play with deceptions and illusions. Some of her works elude the projection screen itself as a layer or interface between real and virtual (= projected) world where both meet and overlap. As in Trompe l’oeil paintings it can be hardly distinguish between projected and real texture. Her projections seem to become tangible and substantial.

Anders mostly creates her pieces by using only one camera angle in very colourful settings.  But in some of her recent works (three will be shown in Seyðisfjörður) she renounces colour and a direct illustratability. Nearly nothing can be seen anymore, only to suspect. This formal reduction and elementariness provoke our imaginations and maybe old fears arouse …

The project is a part of Skaftfell’s summer exhibition series Reaction Intermediate.