Concert with Prins Póló – sóló


The concert will be held at “Heima”, Austurvegur 15, and starts at 15.00.

The musician Prins Póló will this coming Saturday perform a solo concert in Seyðisfjörður. This is the last event in connection with the ongoing exhibition at Skaftfell RÓ RÓ that runs though September.

The two person band Létt á bárunni originally was scheduled to perform but sadly they had to cancel. The Prins will take their place and perhaps play a few song from the glory days of the band Létt á bárunni.

Both bands were formed in Seyðisfjörður in the winter of 2009 when the members, Svavar Pétur Eysteinsson and Berglind Häsler, resided in the fjord. Létt á bárunni was a collaboration between the two but Prins Póló was the solo project of Svavar and soon developed to a full band.

Létt á bárunni published one album, “Sexy” in 2009, and a painting by local naïve artist Ásgeir Jón Emilsson is on the cover. The debut album by Prins Póló was “Einn heima”, e. Home alone, then shortly followed by the release of “Jukk” in 2010. On the second album the wonderful song ”Skaftfell Special” can be heard and is an homage to a pizza on the Skaftfell Bistro menu. Also the song “Niðrá strönd”, e. “At the beach”, that became the summer hit in Iceland in 2011. Their newest album “Sorrí” was released this year.

The bands webpage:

Prior to the concert the current artists in the Heima collective will open a exhibition of the project they have been developing for the past weeks. The opening is at 14.00.


A part of the Summer exhibition RÓ RÓ.