New honorary artistic director: Ráðhildur Ingadóttir

Skaftfell – Center for Visual Art, East Iceland, appoints with great pleasure Ráðhildur Ingadóttir as honorary artistic director for 2013-2014.

A completed artwork is only a fraction of its existence and the relation between meaning and method is truly the core of art development. Thought process, ideas and life views are essential fundamentals to producing interesting art, but not trained skill or ability in a particular medium.

Ráðhildur Ingadóttir was born in 1959 and has worked as an visual artist for many years. She studied in Britain, but lives and works in Denmark and Iceland. Ráðhildur´s projects are varied. She has worked as a part-time teacher at the Icelandic Art Academy and has been very active in exhibiting in recent years, both in Iceland and abroad.

Skaftfell is dedicated to nurturing and exhibiting visual art and serves as a Visual Art Center for the whole of East-Iceland. There are two exhibition spaces, a project space, three residencies and an educational program. Skaftfell´s exhibition programme has been strong and diverse, focusing on a high-quality mix of progressive contemporary art and traditional art, either by domestic or foreign artists.

Since 2009, Skaftfell has appointed an artistic director for a two year period. Björn Roth was the first to accept this position and then Christoph Buchel. The role of the artistic director is to formulate the artistic vision for the exhibition program, as well as other projects. The appointment is a honorary post.