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Educational project 2013-2014

Educational project 2013-2014

The educational project during the winter of 2013-2014 revolved around the visual language and practice of the Swiss artist Dieter Roth. Skaftfell invited primary school students from ten to twelve years of age to a guided tour of the exhibition Fancy-Cake in The Sun focusing mainly on print works and book works by the artist. Following the visit the students were invited to parttake in a creative workshop and on a tour to examine the printing machines and gear in the Technical Museum in Seydisfjord, among them a lithography press, relief press and intaglio press, donated from Dieter himself. They […]

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Educational project winter 2013-2014

For the past months Skaftfell has invited students from elementary schools in East Iceland to do an educational project about Dieter Roth and graphic technique. Students took a field trip to Seydisfjördur where they received a guided through an exhibition with printworks by Roth and underwent a workshop. Also, the groups visited the Technical museum and saw printing press´s from the last century. A total of eleven schools with about 250 students took part in the project.