Educational project 2013-2014


The educational project during the winter of 2013-2014 revolved around the visual language and practice of the Swiss artist Dieter Roth. Skaftfell invited primary school students from ten to twelve years of age to a guided tour of the exhibition Fancy-Cake in The Sun focusing mainly on print works and book works by the artist. Following the visit the students were invited to parttake in a creative workshop and on a tour to examine the printing machines and gear in the Technical Museum in Seydisfjord, among them a lithography press, relief press and intaglio press, donated from Dieter himself. They also were given insights into print techniques from the middle of last century, with an intertype typecasting machine and a Grato press print machine.


The emphasis was primarily placed on conveying the basic methods of printing and the work process of Dieter Roth. He was particularly known for his inventive and often innovative and bold experimentations in his work, making art for the sake of creating, without placing too much initial importance on a fixed outcome. During the workshop the students were allowed to make their own book works consisting of two main contents; Dieter Roth inspired two-handed drawings and stamp-works, where the objective was to distort imagery and language.


The project was done in collaboration with a number of firms in east Iceland. With their support it was possible to invite the students to go on the field trip free of charge. Skaftfell would like to thank:

HB Grandi
Sláturfélag Vopnfirðinga
VHE vélaverkstæði
Eskja hf
Loðnuvinnslan hf
Vísir hf

The project was also made possible with the support of the Cultural Council of East Iceland and Barnamenningarsjóði [the Children´s Culture Fund]