Articles by: Pari Stave

Philipp Valenta. Síldarævintýri, 2018.

Nature’s Values

Iceland’s economy is becoming more and more dependent on tourism, a growing industry that offers the country’s natural wonders as attractions to be consumed. In this context it seems hard to see these places and phenomena as “pure nature” any longer. Business thinking has creeped into the experiencing of natural wonders, and their locations suffer due to increased visitor numbers and lack of conservatory measures or funding. This ambivalence between the exploitation and the protection of a nature that is regarded as natural resource or “asset” is currently highlighted by the rapid developments in the tourism sector, but it also […]

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Call for applications – Residency Program 2019

Skaftfell is inviting applications from artists across the world to participate in the Skaftfell Residency Program 2019, both individual artists and artistic collaborators. In 2019, the center is able to offer two grants for Nordic and Baltic artists, courtesy of the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme. Further information about the grant can be read here. The residencies offer quiet time and space for independent research, reflection, and experiment. Artists are encouraged to use their stay for in-depth inquiries into their work processes and conceptual interests, to use the magnificent nature of Skaftfell’s surroundings as a source of energy and inspiration, to work […]

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