Facilities and venues

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Art Library

The Skaftfell Bistro on the ground floor of the building houses a specialised visual arts library with a good selection of book works by the artist Dieter Roth, along with other artist books and books about art. Contact the Skaftfell office for a complete library log in pdf form. The Roth Corner The Bistro’s interior was designed by Björn Roth, and he dedicated one of its corners to his father, the Swiss artist Dieter Roth (1930-1998). Dieter Roth lived and worked in Seyðisfjörður for periods of time during the last decade of his life, and he had a great influence on […]

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Sculpture garden

The sculpture garden is a flexible and fluid venue curated by Skaftfell. It is located on a landfill area next to the ferry harbour. It is integrated into Hafnargarður, a community garden developed and supervised by the local Harbour Garden community. Skaftfell is open for proposals for the sculpture garden. All sculpture suggestions should be directed to Skaftfell. The art center will also commission selected artists to create sculptures. Skaftfell facilitates the production process and presentation of the sculpture. Concept: The sculptures in the garden should be environmentally conscious and therefore made out of natural or recycled material. The sculptures themselves or […]

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