The Girl Who Never Was

Swedish artist Erik Bünger performs “The Girl Who Never Was” in the Skaftfell gallery. In 2008 an American researcher rediscovers the lost traces of the first recorded voice ever: the 148-old voice of a little girl singing the French lullaby “Au Clair de la Lune”. One year later another researcher experiments with the playback speed and manages to prove that what the fragment actually contains, is the voice of a full-grown man. This exact same lullaby is the song sung by the artificial intelligence HAL in the French version of Stanley Kubrick’s ‘”2001 A Space Odyssey”. As HAL dies his […]

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Hats from New Yok

Winter hats made with traditional methods Opening Saturday November 22, at 16:00. The exhibition is open daily from 14.00-18.00, until November 29. New Yok has moved its production to the Bookshop-projectspace in down town Seyðisfjörður. During this period, hats will be made exclusively from the wool of the local sheep, straight from the surrounding mountain pastures. Follow the hard work and magic as the raw, gritty fleece is turned into silky smooth yarns, and the classic, New Yok street style hats. The exhibition guides the visitor through the entire manufacture process, and gives unique insights into textile technology. The opening […]

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