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Exhibition about copying, duplicating and plagiarism in collaboration with LungA school. Curator Gavin Morrison. Copying is commonplace and fundamental to art. Yet not all copying is equal. A range of moral responses can be expected that encompass the respect for the academic tradition of the novice copying the work of the master through to the scandal of the plagiarized novel. This exhibition relates to different forms of copying and duplication and how we understand the intention and the effect of those works that may at times seem morally problematic. From Jon Routson’s bootlegged Hollywood movies through to the Suicide Girls large […]

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One is On

Unnur’s works talk in different ways about fading human connectedness caused by different forms of accepted narcissism. Making an impression has become a norm of the human condition, it provides a new form of belonging. We are not connecting to each other on a deep level but to a designed image of one another. Online narcissism and computer coding refer to the total image control we strive for, our constant search for a recipe for perfection. The exhibition consists of three video works and a sculptural work placed in two different locations in the surroundings of Seyðisfjörður. In “Beauty Parlor” we see a white […]

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