Beyond the mind

Main Gallery

09.08. – 07.09.2008


To draw with the soul-Between waking and sleeping.

The starting point of the exhibition Beyond the mind are thoughts on creativity, dreams and colours. Beyond the mind focuses on drawing, to draw from ones imagination. The connection between drawing, the imagination and the dreams (the dreams of day and night). Ásdís will bring a surprise straight from Poland, where she has been working as an artist in residence. Bjargey exhibits drawings from the series “Leave me alone, I am trying to sleep, I didn´t come to Latin america to work”. Ingibjörg draws women all day long. Kristín draws all sorts of figures and she oftentimes writes words and sentences on her drawings. The exhibition will change throughout the exhibition-period, because the exhibitors will arrive at different times to stay and work in the residency. The artists will invite some guest-artists to contribute to the exhibition. More about that later.