Magone Šarkovska exhibits at the Bookshop – projectspace

Magone Šarkovska
09.12.10 – 31.12.10
The bookshop – projectspace
Hotel Aldan – second floor Vintage shop

Magone Šarkovska is born in Latvia in 1985. She has been an artist in residence at Skaftfell’s Iron House since the 1st November.
Magone Šarkovska is a painter, she works in traditional oil painting but the subject of her work is not at all traditional – details from her environment that normally would not receive much attention get an almost glorified status in her paintings.

what, why and how I work:

Normal everyday things that are around me: We, humans are slaves of our emotions but Things contain ideas of function and material – they are free from moodiness or the mental effects of weather change, they are in perfect emotional self control. I have a habit of looking for a long time at things in my environment – this is a kind of a meditation. This is the way I want people to look at my paintings which are made in a traditional academic manner, representative, subjective oil paintings. I would like people to look at my paintings in the same way as a couple who have been living together for 50 years would look at each other, have you ever thought about how beautiful, intriguing and funny it actually is? The same applies to a streetlight, every evening I walk past it and after a month I start to love it!

Magone Šarkovska