Artists-in-residence at Skaftfell in May

David Edward Allen (UK) lives in Berlin. His work revolves around a broadened notion of Landscape and our position as part of it. Using, for example, natural phenomena such as gravity, the organic growth of trees, or the movement of a sound wave, to set up formal structures which are open to processes of re-organisation. Allen`s works are like experiments to isolate, or rather traps set to capture, moments of change, movement, or sets of circumstance; using environments as a means to effect or create form.

David Edward Allen will be working as an artist-in-residence at Skaftfell in May and June 2015

Work by David Edward Allen

Halina Kliem (D) lives and works in Berlin and her artistic practice includes video, installation, sculpture and research projects. In her recent projects she research disregarded language and cryptic objects. Her work includes small scale to six-feet sculptural arrangements and mixed-media installations. Halina Kliem is interested in intimacy within modern life. With emphasis on perishability she uses her materials like elements of an elusive drawing in three-dimensional space. Her fragile sculptures exist in her recent works exclusively as photography.

Grass and Fern. Work by Halina Kliem

Halina be working as an artist-in-residence at Skaftfell in May and June 2015 kindly supported by The Goethe Institute.

Francesco Bertele (I) consider his art as a temporary result within the process of transformation where nothing is permanent, nothing is lasting, whose cognitive source is, above all, that which he has drawn out from the reality of life. His works are the result of the stratification and organization of forms created in a specific time and space, which automatically become, at the moment of exposition, enviromental installations and spaces for perception.

Francesco Has been working as an artist-in-residence at Skaftfell to realize his project GUHA since The beginning of April and will conclude his residency in the end of May. He has been kindly supported by nctm e l’arte.


Work by Francesco Bertel

For Reza Rezai (CDN) photography is a way to reflect on life. Not just his own but others as well. An active contemplation of what surrounds him. A way to discern reality, fall into its discovery and be part of its understanding. For Rezai photography is the creation of realities. Realities that are ephemeral, changing but were once a part of his existence.

Reza has been working at Skaftfell as an artist-in-residence since mid April and will stay until mid May.

Photograph By Reza Rezai

Alexandra Ross‘s research and practice spans the instigation, capturing and presentation of conversation. Thoroughly rooted in the notion of critical conviviality, she creates environments and taps into interstitial moments of dialogue; focusing on material that normally falls off the record, or is glossed over in the writing of the history of the field. Alexandra is British but currently lives in South Africa.

Alexandra will stay and work at Skaftfell for two weeks in May to undertake research for an anthology publication of reminiscences and anecdotes by the residents of Seyisfjrur concerning the time Deiter Roth spent in the area.

Works by Alexandra Ross
Works by Alexandra Ross

Julia McKinlays interest lies in creating landscapes and environments through sculpture and installation. Her work is influenced by the adventures and discoveries of scientists and explorers and her own research expeditions to museums. Unique and unusual environments form the starting point for her work that include sculpture, drawing and printmaking. She is concerned with collecting and methods of displaying groups of specimens or objects to create another world in a space. Her work investigates landscape and the representation of nature using a theatrical visual language by the use of a variety of materials and forms to suggest landmasses, plants and animals. McKinlay move between fiction and reality, and certain characters run throughout her work for instance mosses, rocky outcroppings, legs, drifting weeds, fossilised creatures and portals.

Julia will stay for a research residency at Skaftfell in May.

Work by Julia McKinley
Work by Julia McKinley