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Small worlds

Artist talk and community discussion on the impact of tourism in Seydisfjördur. As Iceland continues to experience the fastest growing rate of foreign tourism in the world, it is becoming crucial to address the impact of foreign visitors on Icelandic culture. Tourism can be seen as a means to preserve culture, provide economic development and improve the life of a community. But what is at stake? How can a small town like Seydisfjördur continue to host a large number of tourists and maintain the appeal of an authentic Icelandic town? On August 9th, Skaftfell residency artist Jessica Auer will share her visual research […]

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Visible side when installed

Vasco Costa and Wolfgang Obermair have been working together on projects since 2011, exploring the imprints and impacts on particular spaces in culture, economy and politics. By combining artistic and ethnographic methods they aim to create a sphere of intersubjectivity and cross-cultural synthesis through a constant exchange of social roles. During their three-week residency at the Blue Factory in Seyðisfjörður, Iceland, Vasco Costa and Wolfgang Obermair have been working on a visual structure as a physical and social platform to interact with the surrounding area and public space, for the people and visitors of the Blue Factory. The development and the building process involve the […]

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