Works on Paper

This place has the smoogy look as the opening scene of Fargo. Kumiko thought the money was real and went for a hunt. James Bond drove with his car over Vatnajökull and close to Eyjafjallajökull, R2-D2 with Chewbacca and some Stormtroopers were seen.

For Works on Paper the artists have developed their first collaborative series of drawings and collages, inspired by their encounter with a video work at Reykjavik Art Museum, which was composed of short clips taken from various films produced in Iceland. They were mostly Hollywood blockbusters and action films, such as James Bond, Star Wars, Batman, Fast&Furious, and Star Trek. With Works on Paper the artists have taken the video’s imagery as a starting point for a new body of work around landscape representation in a digital age. Ideas of landscape are interlaced with character developments, life-style imagery, and close-ups from the fields of cinema and pop-culture. The Works on Paper series is a part of Falkeling and Łuczak’s project Emotional Channel.

This exhibition marks the relaunch of the West Wall gallery, which is located in Skaftfell Bistró. The gallery was established in 2003 and hosted many exhibitions until 2014 when it was put on ice.

Artists bios

Anna Łuczak born in Lodz, Poland, is a visual artist based in Rotterdam since 2005. Graduated from Willem de Kooning Academy, BE, (2005-09) Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam, MFA (2011-13) and van Eyck Academy in Maastricht (2017-18) in the Netherlands.She works with video, often in combination with spatial elements. In her installations, Łuczak takes on the subject of personal interpretation of historical and current events. She attempts to understand how, through the use of various types of archival and contemporary images as well as their subjective selection, a collective memory is built.Her work has been shown at CSW Zamek Ujazdowski (Warsaw), TENT (Rotterdam), Lokal_30 (Warsaw),W139 (Amsterdam), Swimming Pool (Sofia)

Angelica Falkeling (b. 1988 in Degerfors, Sweden). They live and work in Rotterdam as a visual artist and sometimes freelance as a costume designer. They graduated with a BFA from Malmö Art Academy and International Academy of Art Palestine in 2014 and an MFA from the Piet Zwart Institute in 2017. They make performances, textiles, installations, moving images and write texts. They are concerned about the economical and ecological aspect of artistic production from an intersectional point of view in the scale of the domestic. Their work has recently been part of Kitchen Economies at Cripta 747 in Torino, Teaser, Tormentors and the Infinite Dog in collaboration with Madison Bycroft at CAC Brétigny in Paris, In Watermelon Sugarat Poppostions Off-Fair in Brussels, and History will be kind to me, for I intend to perform itat PALS & Fylkingen in Stockholm.