Leitað að listamönnum til að taka þátt…

Dear Artist,


24 x 1 minute video’s in Reykjavik

The One Minutes Foundation Amsterdam, Holland Doc/VPRO
World Expo Shanghai China 2010, Architecture Biennial Rotterdam 2009

Artists are invited to make personal portraits of Reykjavik!

Buildings, high and low, squares or a river, cars, people, eating,
loneliness, money, order and chaos. Every hour of the day, a portrait of
exactly one minute. Making a portrait of Reykjavik is looking for its
characteristics. Images from which one recognizes Reykjavik combined with
the personal view of the maker.

Reykjavik in the morning is different from Reykjavik at night. Reykjavik
change every hour. One artist will make a one minute video between 9.00 and
10.00 pm. The next artist between 10.00 and 11.00 pm and so on…
Together we create a portrait of 24 minutes. These 24 visions build a
collective artwork.

The City One Minutes is a worldwide project in partnership with the Dutch
digital documentary channel Holland/Doc VPRO and the East China Normal
University in Shanghai. The videos will be screened at the World Expo
Shanghai 2010, on a new website www.cityoneminutes.org on (digital)
television, followed by other exhibitions, such as Cape Town, Venice
Biennial, Architecture Biennial Rotterdam, Holland and more. All submitted
videos are going to be part of the Annual Award Competition 2009. Great
projects, huge visibility of your work!

Who, what, when?
(Video) artists are invited to participate in the project by making one (or
more) 60 second video portraits of characteristic Reykjavik situations or
sights. The Dutch artist Jasper van den Brink will coordinate the project
and if needed also technically assist all interested participants. There is
a small budget to cover expenses!
Jasper will be in Reykjavik from 10 till 20 July 2009. You can contact him
with the email address below.

The deadline for making the videos is: 1st August 2009
Contact Jasper van den Brink as soon as possible to get on the timeslot-list
before all 24 slots are taken!
Mail: [email protected]

For examples, see www.theoneminutes.org

Looking forward to meet you in Reykjavik.

Best regards Jasper van den Brink