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Listamannaspjall #7

Myndlistarmennirnir Erwin van der Werve og Þóra Sólveig Bergsteinsdóttir munu ræða um verk sín í Skaftfelli mánudaginn 20. febrúar kl. 14.

Erwin og Solla eru gestalistamenn Skaftfells í febrúar. Þau eru búsett í Noregi og reka þar Hardanger Kunstsenter og “The Traveling Art Project Parousia”.

Sjá nánar:




Thora Solveig Bergsteinsdottir (1975) is a visual artist living and working in Norway. She graduated in 2004 from the Iceland Academy of the Arts (LHI). Her work is an investigation of physical presence and relations to the natural environment. Her work consists of performance, video, photographs and installation.

Erwin van der Werve (1974) is a visual artist from Holland that lives and works in Norway.  He works with paintings, drawings and installations that deal with space and perspective and often find their base in natural surroundings. ‘I am interested in not only the painting itself, but also quite fascinated by what happens to the space around the painting, maybe I am secretly more a sculptor that likes to work on a flat space’.